Week 0


Hey world, or probably just future me. Or maybe a potential friend. I can be hopeful.

I guess I recently realized that whenever I want to think of accomplishments I’ve done or some of my best memories I remember doing OBOB with my friends in eighth grade. OBOB is Oregon Battle of the Books, its kind of like this statewide reading competition that you do with a team. Its not that there is anything wrong with that memory its just that I have been chasing that feeling of being on a team ever since. I guess 3 years is enough so now I want to start actually documenting that.

I should probably start with my goal. I want to be on a close knit team where I feel like I am doing something. I want to stay up late working with someone. I want to look over at them and just smile and know that we will do it together. I want to fall asleep together after a long day of work. I think more than anything else in my life I want that feeling again. I guess I did that with my brother this holiday when we were making a pen case for my dad. How is this different for me? I guess I want a more long term project something that i work on constantly for months or years.

So if any of you guys read all of these and want to do that with me hit me up! haha. One day.

So now I should probably get to steps. The most ways I hear about these groups is for either law and some non-profit organization or coding. Since I feel like I would have to go to post grad school for law I think I’ll stick with coding. Or tech of some kind.

Now that I think of it what do I want from this website. I guess I want to document my journey so that I don’t repeat mistakes as much. I also want to use it to push myself in learning new things so that one day I can get in a group like that again. So I think I will start it with one thing I accomplished this week, one mistake(or more) and how I will fix it in the future, and one goal for the next week.

Anyways for this last week I would say an accomplishment is this creeper head I made for my brother for Christmas! Look at that crochet work!!

Mistakes were I keep losing my checks so now I put them in my wallet but now I lost my wallet so I guess I should put a tile in there. I will buy one right now. Slight problem, in order to buy it I need my debit card number and that is in the wallet, which is somewhere in my house. Whelp…

My goal this week is to find my wallet and get a tracker in there so this doesn’t happen again. Another goal I have is to reach 30% in this training program I am doing. It’s called cyberstart game in case if you were wondering.

Signing out I guess, Set. Love to all who read this or who needs it right now.

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