Week 1: Found Wallet!!


So first of all, yay! I wasn’t paying attention to my mom when she put it in a secret pocket a week ago and when I asked her about it she slept on it and in her dreams she remembered. Its funny how brains work that way.

And yes that is a Jamba juice card sticking out the corner. I know you could tell from the silver of yellow.

For this week my achomplishment is finding this delicousness. Its so good. But also very expensive. And maybe it was only good because I was starving.

Mistake was joking with my boss but still without the sarcastic tone I adopt to show people I am joking. It was about blaming losing my wallet on adhd and now I need to clear that up.

I didn’t get a tracker yet so I will buy it tomorrow and I haven’t done the cyber security but I will probably work on it soon.

Goals for these next few days or this week I guess, Cyber security to 40% and clean room ready for the new year and prepare for all of my classes. I am starting college!!! Or at least college classes as I am still a high school student.

Signing out I guess, Set. Love to all who read this or who needs it right now.

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